Saturday, October 27, 2007

SafeHouse for Momma

I keep thinking; and thinking. There is so many projects; in the works. There is one thing; I keep thinking though; where can a pregnant woman go; without the pressure from family; daddy; etc.... There is one place; I think we will all agree; is safe to send these mothers to live. One??? Just is not enough; is it? Here is an idea; I been looking for employment; for several reasons. The main reason; Britt is at school; most of the day; and S is gone most of the time. In my mind; I keep thinking we did it without my salary; for the past few years. So; if I go back to work; what could I do to help women like us not endure the hell we did? There is a project; I will talk about soon; but have to wait for T's permission to talk about that. My other thoughts; is to somehow start a home for mothers that need the space from all the pressures. And in this home there will never even be thought of separating momma/baby. This could be a dream; but any thing is possible right?