Monday, September 10, 2007

Baby Molly

This young lady; and her unborn baby are already being threatened to be torn away from each other. And; guess what? Momma didn't approach any one; this decision is being made for momma, and baby. And; the decision was made by someon who has never meant momma. I cry for this young lady; she has to be scared out of her mind. Lillie has asked what we can do to help momma, and baby. We just can not sit back; and let another momma/child be torn from each other; Lillie states on her blog. Lillie is RIGHT!!!!!!!! Any thoughts on how we can help?


tonya said...

I think getting the word out, like you are, is a HUGE thing everyone can do. Tell as many people as we can. Forward the links involving this case. Everything. Just basically shine the light on what's going on.
This is a travesty. When I first heard about it a couple of weeks ago I thought for sure all the attention it was garnering would force them to back down, but obviously not. The tape she made of the social worker is shocking. They attempted to hide that from the public, but it's still making the internet rounds.

Melinda said...

All this is making me sick. I'm soooo tired of people MESSING WITH PEOPLE'S LIVES like this!

Maryreunited said...

Girl you know what I think! Call me dang snot!

Lillie said...

I just don't get it either, well ok I do. The UK made some mandate that they should increase adoptions by, something like, 50%.

THAT is why these babies are being ripped from their mothers' wombs, for NO REASON, just to fill this ridiculous quota.

It's sick and disgusting. I just don't know what I can do, over here in the States, to help women who are being victimized by an adoption-hungry society.